Monika Brandmeier


31 January 2020 - 14 March 2020

Monika Brandmeier

Under the title “hauptsache” the Berlin-based artist shows new and earlier works, which – despite all their differences – have in common that they make their montage, their being shown, a main theme and place it at the centre of their contemplation.

What at first appears to be an abstract form proves to be extremely material and very representational in the sense of a plastic, physical counterpart that reflects and plays out the conditions of its presentation. The pieces are physically linked to the space of their presentation, and the way they are connected to the exhibition space, its wall or floor, reinforces their material presence and commitment. Their gravity becomes visible and their positions are fixed.

It is precisely the connecting elements that, like prepositions in sentence structure, determine the circumstances. No suspension is marginal and no connection recedes invisibly, so that ultimately nothing in these works becomes secondary and everything becomes primary.

Since the 1980s, Brandmeier has developed a coherent body of work consisting of drawings and sculptures that appear clear and reduced and yet have little to do with minimalist positions. Instead, they follow the idea of a poetically organized space and a subjective conceptualism.