La Luz de Venezuela

14 May 2021 - 16 July 2021​

Enay Ferrer

Luis Lizardo

Rafael Rangel

The exhibition La Luz de Venezuela, dedicated to the homeland of these artists, also reflects on the current situation of Venezuela and its state-owned enterprises: Run-down institutions and the fundamental political crisis have drastically influenced the every-day life of Venezuelans. The light has left Venezuela, symbolically and literally: in fact, the light is absent in the streets. The country has been left in darkness and hopelessness. Nevertheless there are still signs of hope. We are talking about millions of Venezuelans who fight every day inside and outside the country to ensure that the little light that is left does not go out. Holding on to the idea of light is what brings together the five renowned Venezuelan artists in this exhibition. They are aware that they must believe in the democratic future of their country. This small group of Venezuelan artists who has dedicated their lives to art and continue to work and create in times of destruction and darkness deserve our attention.Where there is shadow, there is light! This group of artists comes together for the first time in our exhibition and we are pleased to be able to present their exciting works to the Frankfurt audience. We are specially honored by the participation of Luis Lizardo one of most renown artist in Venezuela and influential for younger generation of artists including Starsky Brines, Enay Ferrer, Rafael Rangel and José Vivenes. The exhibition was curated by our gallery artist Starsky Brines.